One Amazing French Lady

I just watched 'The Dark Knight Rises' (TDKR) 2 days ago, this talented French lady, Marion Cotillard, played so well. “She’s Superwoman,” Nolan says.  
As always she never played as good guy. At the beginning of the movie, I wondered she must be someone in this movie but I didn't have any idea. Then at the end of the movie, TARAAAAA....she turned out to be....(if i continue this sentence, it will be a spoiler. so you have to watch it) :*

I love Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard here, though Anne didn't suit Catwoman so well, but was still beautiful.

Marion Cotillard attracted my attention a lot. I love her eyes and how she walks, acts and speaks. Here's some beautiful pics of her.

 on Christian Dior: Lady Dior


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