Why Can't I

I used to have blackberry and always brought it wherever I go. Now I have iPhone as my cellphone. Although it was hard to decide to change my blackberry, finally i can replace my old blackberry with iPhone. I can easily replace blackberry with iPhone, because they are things. Things are easily replaced. Because they are just only things.

Yes, we can easily replace a thing with another thing, but i don't think we can do the same to people. I just can't replace people that easy like i did to my old blackberry. Especially the one that used to be special person in your life, the one that used to be in your life, the one that always was there for you, the one that made you smile, the one that meant a lot for you, the one that you've planned future with, the one that has been with your for six years. I just can't, while he can do that easily. It's sad to know that you are replaced that easy with another girl. It hurts to know the truth that i have been replaced. It's sad to find out that he did that to me.

And now i am busy pushing myself to move on, to let go and to forgive him. While my brain and heart are questioning "why can he do that easily, replace me with another person?" and "why can't I?".


viryaniKHO at: October 15, 2012 at 1:57 PM said...

It is painful to know that someone who used to love us so tender, forget about us easily. But it is more painful when we know that we are replaceable so fast :(

Sometimes when you have to get over it, a lot of times it feels impossible. Don't you?

However, when we actually cried alots and felt hard to forget, it indicates that you are a sweet girl who ever loved someone so deeply. And it his lost anyway that he wasted your tender heart..~ Soon enough I believe he will realize that he lost his best :)

Forget, forgive. Let go, let God. Have faith, keep believing and dream high.
We all need to trust again, firstly by trusting our self. Believing that we are more than capable with or without him. Believing that we don't need someone to complete us, because we are already complete in God and the only thing we need is someone to accept us completely.. Believing that God is behind the scene busy writing your love story.

Semangat pare!! HUGSS! I have been there and done that, and I truly believe you will do just perfectly fine. and after all this you will become stronger than gorila. HAHA

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