The Bucket List

One day, if you die, what do you want others remember about you? If you ask me, I'll say, I want to die if I have accomplished my purpose here in this life, I don't care when it will come, It can be 5 years from now, It can be 20 years later, as long as I have accomplished what God wants me to do, I am ready.

Most people rush in life, not gaining much and leaving no marks. Life is short and the world goes on without you, even when you're gone. However, you have a mission in life; what is most important is that you choose to find out and move towards the answers.

Oxford Dictionary
For me, the bucket list is tons of random things I want to do in my life, even the most naive things. I believe everyone has this list in their head, write them, so you know where you are now and what you have to do. So here is what I want to do during my only precious life (some of them are accomplished):

1. Have my picture/my story published in newspaper
2. Eat snow
3. Go to America
4. Sit under the cherry blossom in Japan
5. Say "I love you" to Dad
6. Own a property
7. Kiss my lifetime partner on new year's eve in Sydney
8. Have a library at home
9. Go to Gili Trawangan
10. Have a longlife friendship
11. Own a Mini Cooper
12. Ride halilintar at Dufan
13. Save a life
14. Be guest on TV show
15. Be on the top of Mahameru
16. Learn to swim
17. Have a pixie hairstyle
18. Go to Japan
19. Go on helicopter ride
20. Be a volunteer to outside Java
21. Shake hands with president
22. Do a bungee jumping (seriously ness? err..yes)
23. Participate a running race
24. Make a time capsule with best friends
25. Stay in an igloo
26. Donate something to needy kids
27. See an eclipse
28. Win a quiz
29. Speak in front of 10.000 people
30. Attend my sunday school student's wedding
31. Go on spontaneous trip
32. Own a boutique
33. Have a blog with millon readers
34. Give a CPR to someone and it worked
35. Play giutar
36. Be on 43kg
38. Read the whole bible
39. Learn pole dancing
40. Fire a gun
41. Get drunk
42. Die with big smile on my face
43. Visit a castle
44. Have a meaningful conversation with stranger
45. Eat alone in a fancy restaurant
46. Buy a diamond for myself
47. Own a garden
48. Go on Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia
49. Sew something wearable
50. Go on a cruise
51. Always think before speak
52. Walk my talk
53. Blood donors
54. Find something that I never give up on
55. Get hypnotized
56. Inspire people
57. Spend a whole day by myself
58. Own a worldwide company
59. Sail a yatch
60. Drive a bus/truck
61. Dance in the rain
62. Eat McD/KFC chicken without guilty feeling
63. Wake up peacefully at 6AM in the morning
64. Fast for a month
65. Go on a trip alone
66. Wear bikini confidently :p
67. Donate an organ when I die
68. Make a business with sister or brothers
69. Be a wife
70. Receive a fan letter
71. Have a family picnic
72. Go on a mission trip
73. Visit Prague
74. Visit Santorini
75. Visit Disneyland
76. Try monkey brain cake/dessert
77. Be a survivor
78. Passionately kiss in the rain
79. Have sex in our own backyard
80. Go on a budget traveling with lifetime partner
81. Have a pair of Louboutin shoes
82. Have a Chanel bag
83. Solo traveling
84. Hear God's voice
85. Sleep under the stars
86. Teach something in a rural place
87. Bring my family to Europe
88. Live a faithfulness life till the end
89. Attend the independence ceremony at Istana Negara
90. Plant a tree
91. Delete my Facebook account
92. Be the cover of magazine
93. Hug a dog
94. Be at Shangri-La Hotel at Paris
95. Pick a fruit from the tree and make something
96. Lead someone to Christ
97. Do archery
98. Ride a horse well
99. Be the audience of The Oprah Winfrey Show
100. Meet Daniel Henney
101. Look 5 years younger than my real age
102. Try a make up class
103. Go to movies all by myself
104. Be a vegetarian
105. Be a great mom


viryaniKHO at: January 29, 2013 at 8:39 AM said...

hug a dog.
well, i will give you my dog for trial :D

and why delete fb account? wkwk ada2 wae lu re.
anyways, let's make 10 things before 30 re..

viryaniKHO at: January 29, 2013 at 8:44 AM said...

re ini interesting loh, and how long u spent to write these things down? 100 boww..

25. Stay in an igloo -- igloo apaan yah?
26. Donate something to needy kids
donate ini bisa disini re, wahanavisiindonesia -- -- ini lebih ke perbulan gitu re pay 150b.. dan bisa surat2an juga sama anaknya, bisa milih jg mo anak dari papua/ kalimantan or mana gt :)

Agnes Paredandan at: February 2, 2013 at 7:43 PM said...

igloo itu rumah orang kutub niee kaya gini

iyaa pengen deh coba melok anjing tp takut ahahha

Van_PIU at: February 5, 2013 at 1:55 AM said...

bucket list lu maruk abis anjrit.

Agnes Paredandan at: February 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM said...

bucket list mahh for lifetime, so maruk is okay :p

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