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Yay! finally got a chance to go to Japan! so excited when i knew i can go there, cause Japan is one of my bucket lists :D you know, like oh my goodness, it's Japan! Its food, its  culture, its kawaii things, and so many interesting things about Japan. So, here i wanna share some things about my trip to Nippon. Long post alert :p

My family and I went there in November, coz they said that's the best time to enjoy autumn leaves. We stayed in Kyoto for 9 Days, at K's House Kyoto. I really like this place, coz it's so cozy, clean and comfortable. The room is simple, there are a twin bed, a table, and an air conditioner. Yes, there is no toilet in every bed room here, but don't worry the toilets are so neat and clean even for spoiled child like me hehehe. But If you are looking for a fancy room, then K's House Kyoto is definitely not for you.
418 Nayacho, Shichijo-agaru, Dotemachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto city, Japan 600-8142

My room
Public Toilet (sounds bad but trust me, it doesn't, it's neat and clean)
Living room
Kitchen (you can cook whatever here, equipped with full set cookware)
Laundry room

-- THE VIEW --

At the beginning of our trip, for 3 days in a row we visited many temples around Kyoto just to enjoy autumn leaves and the view. All i saw was red, orange, and yellow along the way. Luckily, we found a blooming cherry blossom tree coz it was impossible to find cherry blossom in autumn.


Gion, Kyoto's most famous Geisha District

Gion at Night

 many cute kids spotted along the street
this one is the cutest ♥

-- THE FOOD --

My sister and I took JR to Osaka just to eat for 2 days haha! We tried many food around Dotonburi area, there are millions of shops, cafes, restaurants, game centers, and pubs here.

LINE dolls!!!

Dotonburi is one of the best place to find okonomiyaki and takoyaki. They are so many restaurants of okonomiyaki and takoyaki.


at Ganko Sushi
King Crab, located only in Kinosaki Onsen
King Crab Don
King Crab Sashimi

Japan's Ramen. The soup is light, not same wit Jakarta's.

Snacks and Dessert in Japan are soooo tempting and yummy, here is some of them, too bad i didn't take all of the dessert i've tried there.


Crab Ice Cream, taste really like crab(p) haha!

After all 9 days in Japan wasn't enough. I want more! haha! next destination in Japan: TOKYO and KOBE! :D

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viryaniKHO at: December 21, 2012 at 1:18 PM said...

HUAAAAAA gw keknya ga seenak lu ini deh re. makanannya enak bgt.
beneran deh lain kali prgi ga usa pake tour. jj sndr lebih enak leluasa dan hemat! ahaha

Javer at: December 27, 2012 at 1:35 AM said...

Keren blog nyaaa potonya jd menggambarkan suasana disana, dan bkin ngiri :'(

Agnes Paredandan at: December 27, 2012 at 12:56 PM said...

@javer: makasihh! :D ahh ko javer mah bentar lagi juga ke Japan pasti poto2..

@anie: iya nie, laen x sih berani ajaa jalan sendiri tanpa tour :)

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