More Brighter Year

Before this year ends, i would like to say that this year has been really really a good year for me. I learned so much things, that i can't tell every details here, but here is 3 things I learned and experienced in 2012:

When you want something so bad, go get it, work for it, do the best to get it. Coz if you don't, you can never have it. But if you do, at least you get a chance to have it. There's one thing i really really want this year, at first i was not sure if i can have it, i was afraid to go for it, too afraid. Then i thought "if i don't try, i will never know if i can have it", I decided to go for it. And you know what, i failed. But amazingly no regret, no regret like "oh man, why do i have to do it in the first place?", of course i was upset, but i had no regret, at least I've done the best to get it, at least I've tried, at least i don't die wondering about the answer. Though the answer was not good, but I felt revealed that i finally knew the answer.
Cherish every little moments that happen in your life. This year I learned to cherish every little things that happen around me, every cares from people around me, every loves people give me. I used to be careless and inattentive person, but this year i learned to be more caring, more warm, give more attention to other people around me instead of focusing on myself. Balancing between your family time, best friend time, working time, and the-me-time.
Don't worry about the people who hate you, worry about the people who love you. Can't more agree to this quote. I felt so bad when i realized I spent more time on people who hate me then I ignore the people who love me. Like, how rude i am to ignore the people who love me just because i was focusing on people who hate me.

I'd say that this year is one of the best year in my life.
I loved, I got broken heart, I cried, I struggled, I made mistake, I suffered, I learned, I cherished, I grew up, I smiled, I laughed. 

Like everything happened in this year, I am grateful I survive this year and learned so many things. Now I am ready for more brighter year!


viryaniKHO at: January 8, 2013 at 12:42 PM said...

ready for brighter year and i wish you nothing except joy peace and LOVE. i wish you will find someone who will always makes u feel loved :)

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